Steven Irby


This is the view from my buildings roof! I’ll miss the bbq’s and beers with a view.


I’ve lived in Portland for almost 5 years now. It’s crazy to think that it’s been that long! Damn, where did all the time go? I’m going on 30 years old this year. I’m no longer the fresh faced, mid-twenty year old, I once was when I first arrived here. The first few years here were absolutely amazing and some of the very best years of my life. I loved my old job and made some good friends here.

As much as I love this city, I think it’s time to move on; at least for a while. Portland has become THE place to be right now. So many people are moving here in drones, from all over the US. They’re building everywhere right now. I’ve watched a sky-scrapper being build right out my window everyday! I find it funny, I want to leave now, during peak Portlandia. But as always, I seem to always be ahead of trends. I moved here before the flood gates opened, and maybe I’m getting out before the opposite happens?

I was just laid-off for the second time in a year. I believe it’s a sign from the universe, telling me to just go. I’ve been wanting and dreaming about picking up and moving away, to go travel the world for a long time. I’ve always talked about it. Well now it’s time to make it a reality and actually, just go.

I’m now hastily planning my move abroad and getting rid of everything I own! I was secretly planning on saving money for an entire year and do this next year. Instead, I’m hastily planning on going in just 5-6 weeks from now! I will not have much money at all. Instead of packing everything I own, neatly into a storage unit. I am just going to get rid of it all. Instead of having everything planned out in great detail, I’m going to just land in destination A, and wing it. Very much not how I normally operate and it freaks me out.

Why go now instead of wait longer to save money and plan? Well, I don’t know if there will ever be a better time for me to do this. I have no girlfriend. I have no job. My apartment currently has no lease. I no longer talk to a few old friends of mine, for various reasons. I just don’t really have many ties here right now. Plus I’m goddamned bored! Because of the lack of ties.

I’m hoping to pick up some freelance/full-time work, while I’m still here in Portland. Why am I even hanging around here? I have to wait for my passport, and put in my 30 days notice for my place. Not to mention, getting rid of everything you own takes some time. Planning somewhat for the trip as well takes time. While I’m on the road, I really want to work part-time to make extra cash. To keep on hacking, building things, and well, so I don’t forget how to code!

I’m very excited, nervous, and sad about leaving. It’s weird, I’ve dreamt about doing this for a long time. Now that I’m doing it, I’m scared shittless! I’m weirdly sad and emotional going through all my stuff and getting rid of it. I’ve gone away for an entire month to travel before. But that was different. I wasn’t alone and I had my life waiting for me here. This time, I don’t even know if I’m coming back at all. The few things I keep, I’m taking back home to California, and not even keeping here.

What I’m most looking forward to:

As nervous as I am about doing this. It’s always been my dream since I was a teenager. It’s time to stop being scared and just do it. Wish me luck! ¡Vive la vida!