Steven Irby


Sometimes I travel to places on my journey, where there seems to be a large concentration of what I call hippies. If you can’t imagine what I’m talking about, I’ll paint a picture. Baggy parachute pants. Walking around barefoot. Dreadlocks. You get the idea. I have no problem if someone’s fashion is different than mine, and to be honest I don’t care. However, it feels a bit awkward sometimes when you’re not conforming. Especially when it seems *everyone* is like that, except locals.

Let me describe how I looked this weekend when I was feeling this way. Fitted jeans, a button shirt, nice brown shoes, and big ass pair of Ray Bans. (Granted I’ve been living in Mexico City where it is very appropriate to dress this way. I have no clothes in my tight bag!) I couldn’t have look more different!

Truth be told, we’re all at the same place together, and all on our own journey. Really, we probably have a lot in common, think the same way, and live similar minimal lives. Despite my appearances being so different. Yet, I can’t help feel very out of place and more lonely in places like this. I try to not think about other people and just worry about myself. It’s hard at times. I also try to just be myself, be true to myself, and enjoy each place I visit as much as I can. Even if I feel out of place.

To be clear, I don’t think anyone is looking at me and thinking anything. I really don’t think anyone gives a shit about me as that’s how the world works. People are just too focused with themselves. It’s just hard meeting people and connecting when everyone around seems to be a hippie. I try to be friendly, open minded, and out going. It just doesn’t happen and I don’t end up meeting and clicking with people. Even walking by and smiling got me nothing but an odd look in return. Oh well. All I can do is keep traveling and enjoying my journey.

But I do wonder, if there are so many hippies at places I’m attracted to, will one day I be the same?