Steven Irby

I’m going to be honest, I don’t read. I always liked the idea of being a reader; constantly learning, expanding myself, and curled up with a nice book. Excited to get started on the latest best seller, book I’ve checked out from the library, or downloaded onto my kindle. However, I don’t do it, and never really have. When I was young kid in school, I dreaded reading time. There very few books I occasionally got into. I think this is why I’ve always been terrible at writing and spelling. (I’m sure readers have noticed)

To be fair to myself, I am a voracious reader… of articles. I LOVE pocket and always find interesting articles from all over the web, to stick in there, and read later. I’m constantly on hacker new, redditmedium, and reading current news. I am a big fan of long form reading, and think it’s more important than ever; in this world of short attention spans and summary news.

I decided to once and for all change this and try to become a book worm.

Reading Challenge

I decided I was going to try to commit to reading at least 20 pages a day, everyday. My goal: one book a month. Yes, there might be a day or so I missed my goal, but I could make it up another day. While some books might be longer or shorter, I figure 20 pages a day will be enough to average a book a month. Plus, there are times where I’ll blow way past 20 pages. I hope it will even out, or I’ll actually read more than one a month.

Finishing what I start…

I’ve wanted to be a reader for some time now. In recent years, I actually have read more than I use to. However, I have a terrible habit of getting half way through a book, and never going back to it. I also have this habit of wanting to read books and buy them on Amazon. I’ll buy a book, download it on my kindle, and never read it! I don’t consistently read and that’s why I wanted to do this challenge.


So far I’m over two months into my book reading challenge, and on my third book. How I got started was, I compiled a list of books I currently own, and or want to read. I created a list of 24 books to keep me reading for the next two years. I downloaded all of them onto my kindle, and deleted all the old cruft; so it will be easy to get started on the next one. The current book I’m on, as of this writing, has been tough to slog through. It’s a self-help book and has many exercises to do in real life, so it’s slow going. However, I keep pushing on and I’m excited to get to my next book.

End goal

My end goal would be to become a reader and book lover. Instead of vegging out in front of the TV or Netflix, I want to be one of those people who reads instead. I am more than ok skipping out on Game of Thrones or whatever “it” show is currently popular. Maybe I’ll even read a couple books a month. Who knows.

For now, I want to just get through the current list of books on my 24 moth reading list. Those best sellers will always be there waiting for me.