Steven Irby


What I am doing right now

I’m still living in London, England.

I took a nice one-month break, between my year-long stint in London. To visit the US and hang out with my family. I got to meet my new nephew who I’ve never met before. He turned 1 year old. Then I went to Norway for a bit and went to the North Arctic! Sadly, I didn’t see any polar bears but at least I went up there. Svalbard is super cool.

My side project is still humming along ––

Still have some big news coming up soon. Stay tuned…

Still working at Canvas Medical and trying to make the health care system better in the US.


The economy sucks and therefore I’m going to short all the things. I think there will be a big crash and unwinding. I wish everyone well out there. These will be tough times for a while. :-(

In lighter news, I went to my first cryotherapy chamber. I highly recommend it.

What I am excited about

Updated: June 20th, 2022 London, UK