What I am doing right now

So much has changed in the last 6-12 months! Right now, I’m in Cape Town, South Africa. I’ll be here for a little bit. I have been doing a lot of rapid travel the last several months, which has left me feeling really burnt out on traveling. I need to stay in one place for a while.

I have officially achieved one of my ultimate-life-long-dreams and goals. I have been to all seven continents of the world! I’m feeling excited and hopeful achieving such a big goal of going around the world by myself. I’m proud of myself.


I’m slowly getting off of social media. I barely ever go or post on Facebook. I limit my time on Instagram to just 15 minutes a day, and that’s mostly to post stories for friends and family. I have weaned myself off of Reddit and barely even go on there anymore.

I do not have the Facebook app installed on my phone. No snapchat. Only Instagram.

I canceled Netflix and read a lot more.

What I am excited about

A lot actually, I’m very excited to be in one place for a while. I plan to go to Europe this summer and see a lot of Switzerland. I’ll be in Western Europe for about three months.

I’m excited to get back to work and try to market my book and website. I still have so much work to get until the launch.

Super excited on building a healthier environment and habits for myself.

Updated: 6/27/2019