Steven Irby


What I am doing right now

I’m still “stuck” or living in Istanbul, Turkey. I haven’t flown in a plane or traveled to another country since I got here back in March. I’ve slowly made a new live for myself here in Turkey. I’m working on getting a residency permit and everything.

It has officially been two years since I started my sabbatical from work. I definitely am ready to return back to work.

I am looking for a job!

I created a new project and I work on it almost daily ––

I have a girlfriend who I am currently living with.

I’m doing a LOT of automation stuff which I really enjoy.


I’ve gone keto crazy. I can’t stop baking and cooking random keto foods. Last week was keto cheese burgers with keto bread. This week is keto pizza and another attempt at cheese cake.

What I am excited about

Updated: October 2nd, 2020 Istanbul, Turkey