Steven Irby


What I am doing right now

I have a LOT going on these days. I just officially hit 9 years of living abroad. To be honest, I am a bit tired of roaming around. This doesn’t mean I never want to travel again. I just want to do a lot less of it.

I badly want a home and some roots, a community, and a place set up how I want it. I want to wander a bit each year, just not so much.

So, I am headed home to California for a few months to figure things out.

What I’m doing right now:

I’m also looking to freelance or get a new job.


I have become a bit obsessed with personal health data. I’m sort of on a personal mission to get my resting heart rate down over time.

What I am excited about

Updated: March 24th, 2024 - London, UK