Steven Irby

I like to look back at the previous year and give a shoutout to the amazing software I used the past year.

This year was actually a bit of a letdown. There wasn’t any new software I started using and was blown away by. If anything, I felt like a lot of software I’ve used the last few years, let me down.

There is one notable mention–one of my favorite tools that I continue to love.

Awardwallet - I love this tool which tracks all your points for award programs, such as hotel and airline miles. The biggest use I get out of it is it tracks your flights and hotel stays. It automatically syncs with my calendar and adds entries for when I’m checking in and checking out. Loads of amazing features. <3

I think the biggest thing I’ve enjoyed this year has been hardware not software.

I loved my new M1 MacBook and I would love to have one of the new ones.

I also am loving my new iPhone 13 Pro and the absolutely amazing camera. (Compared to my iPhone X)

I have also fallen in love with Apple Pay, so I guess there is that.

I hope next year I’ll discover new and amazing software.